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Why Word Smatter

Word Smatter believes that your website should be about you, your group, or your business.  Not about the faceless conglomerates wielding years-long contracts that hold websites hostage.

That's why Word Smatter builds websites in a popular site management system that is simple for even non-techies to "take over". 


Not all clients want to manage website content, but those who do are able to easily make copy changes and add or update pictures to keep their site fresh.  At no charge.  And at their convenience.  

Keeping your website fresh and relevant is important.  Updates should be done frequently, and they should be simple to do.

Don't want to mess with updates?  Word Smatter is happy to work out an update plan that suits your needs.

Features That Fit You

Simple to manage doesn't mean featureless.  Business and community sites can include appointment scheduling, class and event management, and even e-com so you can sell your services, products, and digital goods online.  Rich client management and marketing features are available, too.

Blog, vlog, and membership capabilities are very popular to drive visits and membership to your website. 

Even a single web page can have a big impact to you or your brand. 


Word Smatter can create you a custom logo, a professional website, and matching business print material that will help form lasting impressions.

Contact us and let's talk about your new web presence and branded image!

Latest Projects


JRI Woodworks - Jedi Renovations, Inc.

This client desired a fresh, new look, and a site that showcased their quality and craftsmanship.

We replace a dated, unmanaged site originally developed and hosted by a large marketing firm.  The client is happy to be able to add pictures to the photo gallery themselves.



Client's business involves baseball!  Beyond that, we are sworn to secrecy!

4 x 6 Drop Cards

This new business was looking for direct marketing materials to help them get the word out about their new business.  Their approach was to engage directly with people at local restaurants or entertainment venues.

We produced this info-card loaded with contact information and services, which they then "dropped" at establishments catering to like-minded customers.

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