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Basic Websites

We consider a basic marketing website having four pages:  Home, About, Services, and Contact.  A popular addition is a photo gallery. 

Images are best and most relevant if supplied by you.  But, if you are short on impactful pictures, we have free stock photos available which you can swap out later when you have the opportunity to capture that picture-perfect moment or setting.

Because your website is your property, we need to work together to build it.  You help us understand who your audience is and what you want your website to do for you.  You help us understand your subject matter, we produce the website, and you have final approval.

Word Smatter website prices are based on our understanding of your goals and expectations for a website. 


Functional Widgets

Web pages can include functionality such as appointment booking, class or event signup, e-commerce, and more.


These functional widgets don't require a lot of copywriting on our part, but they do require the necessary branding so they match the rest of the website. 

The writing of e-commerce product descriptions is not included because many times small descriptive copy is included with drop-ship items you might choose to sell.  However, we can write the product category copy for you, and any unique or missing item descriptions you need for a small "per" fee upon which we can agree.


Domain and Hosting

Having a website requires two items:  your domain name and a hosting plan. 


The good news is that the system we use to develop your website is both a domain registrar - where you can purchase and renew your domain, and a host - a provider that runs the computers where your website software resides. 


This is convenient for managing your domain name, your hosting features, and your website all in one place.

We can recommend an appropriate hosting plan based on your marketing and website's technical needs.

See a general breakdown of our affordable pricing.  Or hit us up through Contact

We'd love to talk about your ideas! 

Bright Table



We love being creative.  We can create your unique logo, print-ready layouts, your next advertisement design, or recommend a fresh, new color palette.


Each design or artifact is unique, so pricing is based on your needs, brand intentions, and complexity.  

See our affordable design prices by category.  Or hit us up through Contact.  We'd love to talk about your ideas!

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